Our neighborhood association created our first Neighborhood Week in August of 2012. What started as a one-off celebration of our immediate community quickly grew into an annual gathering with ever-growing goals. My hope with this site is to encourage other communities to do the same.


Over the years, our Neighborhood Week has grown to include 7 days in the late summer that consist of:


  • Community Clean-Up Day: Not only do we commit to cleaning up our streets, but we vote on a local public area near where we live to beautify. The past couple of years, we chose to hike a trail in our local park and pick up trash as we walked, and repaint benches and other fixtures in a nearby playground.
  • Neighborhood Shout Outs: Everyone in our community is important, and we take care to recognize every individual and family that lives here.
  • Sponsorship Day: Each year, we vote on a local, national, or international non-profit organization to donate to on behalf of our community. Past recipients include the World Wildlife Fund, our local animal shelter, and National Park Services. (We have a fondness for nature.)
  • Meet ‘n’ Greet Night: We spend an evening at the community clubhouse enjoying light refreshments and playing Neighborhood Bingo. To win the game, you need to meet your neighbors and learn what makes them unique, which allows you to fill in your Bingo card. (For example, meet someone with a pet fish, meet someone with an herb garden, and meet someone who has a child living out of state.)
  • Annual Block Party: Our past events have included children’s activities (a bounce house, face painting, and crafts), a potluck and barbecue, and live music performed by our neighborhood’s very own residents.


Every neighborhood and every resident is different, so if your community adopts a Neighborhood Week, we encourage you to try out different ideas to see what everyone enjoys. Our site is here to help you come up with ideas, and we encourage you to share your stories with us.